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ELAD FDM-S1 is a 61.44MHz ADC sampler connected by USB to your computer.

It can be used as a SDR direct sampling receiver from 20KHz to 30MHz or as downsampling mode up to 200MHz.

work with ADC sampling frequency at 61.44 MHz then Xilinx FPGA Digital Down Converter  convert samples to a stream I/Q data selectable to 192kHz ,384kHz, 768kHz, 1536kHz, 3072kHz or 6144kHz sending to PC throught USB 2.0 controller.

I/Q data streams from 192kHz to 3072kHz have 32 bit/sample while 6144 kHz I/Q stream work at 16 bit/sample.

The device can be used as sampler for experiment downsampling use (from 30MHz to 200MHz) taking advantage of the wideband front-end of the A/D converter, proper filters should be used to avoid repetition images and limitiations should be considered near transition frequencies.
Experimental boards are available to allow to build external filters. PDC-V1, and PDC-2M are preassembled filter and amplifier to use in 2m band.

FDM-S1 is powered by USB connection due to less than 2,2 W power consumption.

In congiuntion with the FDM-SW1 software included it is possible to demodulate CW, LSB, USB, DSB, AM, SAM, DRM, FM e WFM signals.

FDM-SW1 software include also DRM decoder native.

Compact size 90x108x27mm, come with BNC to SMA adapter, USB cable, CD and safe bag.


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Reviewed by wj5tx
wj5tx bought "FDM-S1" on our website
10/01/2016 - 09:53:15 PM
This is a great SDR radio, I would put it up against anything out there in the same price range. I have used multiple SDR software packages with this radio and had no issues. The software provided by ELAD provides the most features and easiest to use... I currently use it as a pan adapter on the DRV RCA plug on the back of my Kenwood TS-590SG. I would recommend it to anyone looking at secondary or primary reciever!!! It is a great radio!

WJ5TX - Bill

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