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FDM-S2 is the second device born in our line ELAD SDR Samplers.

Direct sampling receiver based on 122.88MHz 16bit single channel ADC converter covering HF 6m and offering the possbility to exploiting the undersamplig mode covering FM Broadcasting Band and exploring part of VHF Band (135-160)MHz.

Ranges & most important specs:
    HF: 9kHz-52MHz MDS: -132dBm @14MHz, Clipping lev -8dBm
    FM: 74-108MHz sensitivity <2uv 12db="" sinad="" 98mhz="" clip="" lev="" -3dbm="" br="">    
    VHF: 135-160MHz MDS -137dBm @145MHz, Clipping level -19dBm

Separate antenna inputs for HF/6m and FM/VHF/Bypass ranges

Max. DDC Bw 6144kHz (Aliasing free viewable bandwidth up to 5 Megahertz)

currently available selectable bitstreams:
192ksps-32bit, 384ksps-32bit, 768ksps-32bit, 1536ksps-32bit, 3072ksps-32bit, 6144ksps-16bit

Special double DDC mode of 2 x 384kHz bandwidth to be placed within one of the input ranges.

4 virtual receivers freely tunable within DDC window

Each virtual receiver holds settings for mode,bandwidth,volume,squelch and audio output routing.

Patent pending Triple Tuning Bar for coarse and fine spectrum navigation


Interference rejection: Noise Blanker,Adaptive Noise Reduction and auto notch, special 2 manual notches (directly placed in DDC spectrum)

Integrated DRM decoding, text and station schedule update.

Integrated WFM Stereo with RDS decoding.

Universal CAT control and  OmniRig(tm) integration

Customizable IF panadapter facilities for integration with existing transceiver/receivers

User definable bandplan, specified settings per frequency range.

XML based memory management

DX cluster data integration and EIBI database import

Plotting of memory, database and cluster information directly on spectrum screen

Proprietary Ext IO bus for accessory equipment, also offering 8 DC lines for universal switching (*via SFE1.0 board)

Supported by 3rd party software: SDR-RadioV2 , Winrad, HDSDR, Studio 1

DDC Spectrum recorder with automated timeschedule control

Seperate IF/AF spectrum windows for detailed signal analysis

Easy, fully informative User Interface with deep customization

Resizable windows and multi-monitor support

Wideband secondary Audio/IF outputs for decoder software (eg CW Skimmer,WeatherFax)

Full integration of the Tmate(tm) series controllers

Compact size 110 (W) x 90 (D) x 40 (H) mm and 360g, come with 2 BNC to SMA adapters, USB cable, USB double cable adapter, CD and safe bag.

Download latest documents and software at http://sdr.eladit.com

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Reviewed by VE3UK
VE3UK bought "FDM-S2" on our website
04/19/2015 - 09:00:17 AM
Elad S2 Excellent Radio
I have been playing with various SDRs for several years now. I have built small kits, and purchased expensive units. Essentially I have own a good cross section of available SDRs over the years and I can honestly say that the S2 is without any doubt my favourite to date!

The unit is small, doesn't require an external supply outside of the USB, preferable USB3. The band coverage is awesome, and the ability to see a much larger swath of band, as apposed to the standard 192KHz as offered by others in its price class is awesome. Sensitivity, selectivity, dynamic range it has it all and the accompanying software is being upgraded daily by the Elad Team.

Couple the above with the above average customer service that I have received from Elad USA, Barbara in particular, I have no hesitation is recommending this product.

If you are looking for high end performance, at a reasonable price, you have to consider the S2.

Thanks Elad


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