Overall Rating: 75.00%
Average Rating: 7.50/10
I purchased the FDM-DUOr and it is the best shortwave receiver that I have ever owned and that’s high praise from a guy who has owned a variety of Kenwood, ICOM, Lowe and Sony shortwave receivers. What makes this receiver so special? I use it in stand-alone mode and the noise reduction options are amazing. I have been able to dig signals out that I can’t even hear on my ICOM R-75. Plus the support from Paul Jones of Elad is top-rated. I highly recommend this receiver! Greg
Greg Hathaway
Duo-R Receiver
I absolutely love the performance of my Elad FDM Duo receiver. It is by far the best shortwave receiver that I have owned including those I have owned and made by Icom, Yaesu, Sony, Kenwood and Lowe.
Greg Hathaway

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